Saturday, November 15, 2008

Privacy divider Bathroom

AREA bathroom into a private area, such as bedrooms. He was a space that "sterile" from the crowd. Therefore, it is usually limited to this area with solid divider to prevent the activities in the area exposed to the public. Therefore, bathrooms are usually a closed meeting and minimal sunlight.

Actually does not need a bathroom as above. Can make a bathroom wall glass and sun bathe. Remember, the more sunlight into the bathroom, the bathroom will be more healthy. Can be made for the openings on the roof (skylight) or create a more transparent wall. Two things can be made from transparent material such as glass.

From the privacy side, openings in the roof does not reduce the privacy of too many bathroom. Unlike the case with the opener on the wall. Transparent area on the bathroom walls, allowing activity in this space terkespos to the public.

Prevent it, the curtains can be used, for example, horizontal or vertical blind blind. Use it, the sun can still go into space, privacy is still awake. When the activity takes place, close the curtains. When done, open again.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beautiful glass ornament from the Movies

MASTER bedroom this size 3mx4m. Wide enough for a bedroom apartment on a major. Space becomes more interesting with the application of glass on the wall behind the headboard.

Generally does not like a wall, the wall behind the bed is coated glass. Glass is not left plain, but given the motives style decorative glass sheet of film. 90% glass films selected for garnish glass wall measuring 4mx1m.

Elements seen in the natural motif applied. There siluet sparrow and the flower stalk dihinggapi butterfly. Truly beautiful appearance. The atmosphere became more dramatic with the torch in the presence of ceiling lights.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Avoid insects Without Materials Chemistry

THAN mosquito and fly, ant, including insects that often disrupt. Existence does not make food safe. Dining table and food storage cupboards often become the target insect is like sugar.

Using chalk or liquid chemical repellent ant is likely the problem quickly. However, raised concerns, if the chemicals are mixed into the food, poisoned human future.

To eliminate these concerns, let basmi ant with natural materials. Do the following:


Salt flavor is one of the kitchen multimanfaat. In addition to flavor cooking, salt can also be to install. How easy, just place the salt in the corners of food storage cupboard in the kitchen or place it also in the vicinity of the area were often ant.

Vanilla powder

Vanilla powder normally used to make cakes. It can also install to. Almost similar to the way salt. Place the vanilla powder in the corners or the food cupboard in the kitchen area. In addition to install, vanilla powder also makes a fragrant cupboard.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pot Full Color Shown

The pot is definitely not appear as is, need to get a little dipermak unique and beautiful.

How easy enough, provided we want a little creative. Materials used simple, inexpensive, and can be found around us.

Materials needed:

• flower pot container
• Paint the wall
• brush
• Palette
• pencil eraser
• knife
• Water
• Paper

The steps of making:

1. Take the necessary coloring substances, enter into the palette, and Mix with water. Use a pencil eraser to dye pot. Before using a dye pot with the tip of the pencil eraser, first try on the white paper. Obtained until the exact composition of color. So that when the dye pot, obtained form the maximum color.

2. Coloring pot with the tip of the pencil eraser, with a variety of colors suit us. So that the job easier, potonglah pencil eraser into several sections with a knife, according to the number of colors. So a pencil eraser, for one color.

3. Usually colors are printed on the vase a bit less obvious and flat. For even color, use a brush. That way the color looks, you'll see the maximum. Warnai entire pot in accordance with our wishes.

4. Pot is ready to use. Put live plants that we like.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Install Glass Window Film for Home

KACA film that was only as a sun room, is now increasing its function, becoming more beautiful dwelling. The type and variety of rich colors, do not wonder if it started a lot of window berornamen found interesting.

Not hard to get it. Area provider of the equipment types in the house Jl. RS. Fatmawati, or self-service building materials, glass film certainly have.

If the glass is in the film, installation is not difficult kok. We can also install, Please take some time, and use simple tools to install.

Tools needed:

Cutter *
* Ruler
* Spidol
* Plastic spatula
* Kain Lap Clean

The Steps:

1. Start with a layer of film on the glass. Do slowly. Starting at the tip of the glass film, which followed on the other.

2. Do not open the entire film and the glass layer and then start a new patch. This is referred to that inflation does not occur in the air layer of glass.

3. Once opened, spray glue layer film with a glass shampoo (which is mixed with water). Comparison of shampoo and water is approximately 1:5. Not specifically, any shampoo. The point, to ease the process penempelan, and prevent bubbles.

4. In the process the film to stick to glass field, use a plastic spatula. Spatula is useful to facilitate the smooth layer with a field glass.

5. After everything is installed, make sure there is no air or water, between the glass window with the film. If there is still, use a spatula, push press, along with the field outside the glass film.

6. Installation of glass film already? With a cloth towel and then clean